APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 17: Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title (1966)

While not strictly a movie made from a TV show, Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title is packed with TV stars either in lead roles or in cameos and that’s always been my jam. In fact, this movie is meta before we even knew what that meant.

Charlie Yuckapuck (Morey Amsterdam) and Annie (Rose Marie) work =at the diner run by Mr. Travis (Richard Deacon), making this nearly a The Dick Van Dyke Show reunion, just as that show was in its last month of first-run episodes. It’s a busy place, so busy that people like Danny Thomas and Forrest Tucker just drop by.

Then, one day, Crumworth Raines (Moe Howard!) comes in to inform waitress Magda Anders (January Jones) that she has inherited a bookstore at Updike University. She hires Charlie and Annie and all manner of hijinks ensue, as Charlie looks just like a defecting cosmonaut named Yasha Nudnik, which brings in spies out of the cold, as it were, such as government agent Jim Holliston (Michael Ford), Comrade Olga (Carmen Phillips) and KEB agents played by Peggy Mondo, Cliff Arquette and Nick Adams.

The bookstore gets even more cameos, including Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Carl Reiner. But perhaps the one that put this on the site was that Irene Ryan plays Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies and is completely in character, giving the protagonists a ride and driving back off to her show. In 1966, movie theaters and movies were battling for audiences, so it’s just crazy to see her show up and literally everyone knows who she is.

Director Harmon Jones made some wild movies like The Beast of BudapestGorilla At Large and Bloodhounds of Broadway. Here, he’s working from a script by Amsterdam, John Davis Hart (who wrote the English dialogue for Any Gun Can PlayThe Great SilenceArgoman the Fantastic Superman and Kill, Baby…Kill!) and William Marks (War Party, episodes of Bonanza and The Wild Wild West. 

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