Interview with Eric Eichelberger of the Shock-A-Go-Go Film Festival

We spoke with Eric Eichelberger on February 13, 2021 about his upcoming film Exploit This! The Complete History of Exploitation Cinema in America. As he continues working on that film, he’s also behind the Shock-A-Go-Go Film Festival and we had the opportunity to find out what’s happening this year.

B&S About Movies: How did you decide the movies for this edition?

Eric Eichelberger: We started out with Blood Diner because my partner had shown that movie in Indianapolis and had a big crowd. We were trying to celebrate women filmmakers and because that movie and Slumber Party Massacre  were directed by women and we had multiple female-directed shorts, it all worked well. I had met Brinke Stevens and Debra De Liso through making Exploit This, so I asked if they would come. And I just liked The Greasy Strangler which is a good fit as well.

B&S: Did doing Exploit This influence the festival?

Eric: It informed it. After all, Blood Diner is so close to Blood Feast that it just worked. It was a natural outgrowth of working on the film and that helped with the festival.

B&S: How’s the movie going?

Eric: We’re in the process of editing down about 30 million hours of material cut down to five and a half hours. Then,  we’re trying to get it down to two and a half hours by the end of spring. Hopefully by summer, we’ll have a rough cut.

We keep picking up interviews to kind of wrap up the story including some people that we needed to get more coverage on in terms of the story. For example, on Saturday we interviewed Kitten Natividad, who had a relationship with Russ Meyer and was in his films. We found a few others that talk about him, because you need to have him as a plot point. She was a great interview!

B&S: Did you discover any new movies through this process?

Eric: The people who made these movies, they’d make recommendations, and I ended up learning about a lot of filmmakers I was familiar with but had not experienced their films, like William Gréfe. The first one I watched was Impulse, which is a blast. It’s really fun.

B&S: With so many recent box sets of filmmakers like Gréfe and Bill Rebane, people can get a really great look at their films quickly.

Eric: As I was doing the Shock-A-Go Go in the past, I met a lot of these directors and conducted Q&A with them and thought, “People need to hear all this.” David F. Friedman was one of the first that I got for the movie, then we met Roger Corman and suddenly we had some great interviews.

B&S: What’s the goal with Shock-A-Go Go?

Eric: We’re looking to kind of grow the festival. I would love to turn the festival into a 24 hour event again. We have a great place to show movies now. This year, there’s an exciting lineup, great guests and you get it all for $15 dollars.

If you live anywhere near Long Beach, you need to find your way to this show, because it looks amazing.

When: April 22, 2022

Where: Art Theatre Long Beach, 2025 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

Venue Website:

Facebook Event Page:


Festival Website:

Festival social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Shock-A-Go-Go Film Festival is coming to the Art Theatre in Long Beach, California on Friday, April 22, 2022. Tickets are on sale now and a Full Festival Pass is only $15 pre-sale ($20 at the door).

What a night! Just gaze at this line-up!

5 p.m.: Short Film Program

7 p.m.: Slumber Party Massacre with Brinke Stevens and Debra De Liso in person!

9 p.m.: Blood Diner with director Jackie Kong in person!

Midnight: The Greasy Strangler with cast members Sky Elobar, Michael St Michaels, Gil Gex, Carl Solomon and Holland MacFallister in person!

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