APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 4: Bach ke Zara (2008)

In the pages of Ed Glaser’s How the World Remade Hollywood, I learned that Evil Dead was such a huge movie in India that numerous films took its artwork and tree attack as their own, with 2007’s Bhayam (The Fear) going so far as to outright take footage in an Indian-infused bit of Bruno Mattei-esque thievery.

Bach ke Zara (Tread Carefully) may not take footage, but it’s literally the same story as Sam Raimi’s film, with director Salim Raza going all out to deliver zombie and possession action on a budget somewhat even lower than Raimi had back in 1981.

Where his film differs is that we see how the archaeologist who found the Necronomicon was dispatched — only hinted in the first two Evil Dead movies — as well as filling the movie with no small amount of crowd-pleasing sex scenes.

There’s also a music video within the movie that has nothing at all to do with the actual movie and for that, I must compliment the filmmakers. It looks exactly like something Christina Aguilera would make, what with the muscle men and mud dancing.

So yes, when Sunny, Raja, Sweety, Nicole and Sheena were warned away from this house on the lake, they should have listened. But one look at the Book of the Dead they found and you’ll think it’s more cute than sinister and you’d probably read its pages too.

Also, there’s less of a tree assault and more tree-hugging, but the reverse way that you expect it. And hey, most of their countrymen don’t do burial, so the characters in this movie were made Christian. That’s the kind of explaining that movies try to do to make sense of Van Damme speaking in his accent, you know?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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