Maybe Someday (2022)

Jay (Michelle Ehlen, who also directed and wrote this movie) is a non-binary photographer making the movie across the country after divorcing her wife Lily (Jeneen Robinson). That journey takes her to the home of Jess (Shaela Cook), a woman who she used to be secretly obsessed with, and introduces her to Tommy (Chad Steers), a stand-up comedian who no longer believes in love.

Shot in 17 days over the course of almost two years — with the last four days of shooting delayed due to the pandemic — Maybe Someday comes from a very personal place, as its creator also made a cross-country post-divorce trip.

Unlike other breakup movies, the choices that Ehlen makes as a character and as a filmmaker are about discovering how you can grow from a breakup and become someone better instead of feeling the loss. That’s brave if you’re a person and most assuredly if you’re a filmmaker.

To watch Maybe Someday, you can purchase tickets to Cinequest on April 1-17. To learn more about the movie, visit the official Facebook page.

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