An Approximation of Their Barbarous Manners (2021)

Director, writer and actor Christian Serritiello has made a movie that revolves around the making of a movie, one that features 87-year-old American character actor Bruce Glover missing from the first day of shooting and the cast and crew unravelling.

Other than the video of his audition and a phone call, Glover is absent from the movie, as everyone else struggles to deal with the loss, from James (Scott Coffey, who directed Adult World) retreating into his comforting spirit animals, Jeremy (Daniel Brunet) giving into anger, and a director (Bruce A. Woolley) coming apart to the female cast members, Anjelica (Kristen Bush) and Gloria (Dulcie Smart), who deal with things in much more adult ways.

This made me wonder: did Glover just blow off the production and this ended up being the artistic cover? Or is this the actual film? When someone is made this well, I’d lean toward the latter, as the sell material would probably push the former.

This black and white short is just the right length for the story it tells. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and is worth your time.

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