Lost Angel (2021)

Directed and written by Simon Drake and originally called The Angel on the Ceiling, this movie is all about Lisa (Sascha Harman), who has come back to the island she grew up on after the death of her sister Melanie (Kim Lyzba). She soon learns that her sister’s death was no accident and that she may have been involved in something quite dark.

Staying on the island and working as a museum cleaner where she meets a guide named Rich (Fintan Shevlin) who knows a little too much about her sister…like how she somehow both overdosed and hung herself at the same time.

There are two things Lisa is about to find out. The first is that her sister’s death leads to some places and people far beyond what she expects, as the very people who have power on the island have something to do with it. And second, that Rich is a ghost.

There are some surprises in this movie and it’s way more than I expected it to be. For a movie released recently, that’s a major accomplishment.

Lost Angel is now available from Left Films.

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