World Ends at Camp Z (2022)

During a massive pandemic — umm, we can all relate — and the lockdown that results, Clay (Osawa Muskwa) and Julian (Dean Persons) have to sell their campground. While that seems like it’ll be rough, the buyer’s representative Vanessa (Anne-Carolyne Binette) seems nice enough. But the actual buyer Aaron (Michael Czemerys) and the urbanites that he brings with him are the worst humanity has to offer.

Actually, the worst humanity has to offer are zombies, who show up near the end of the film, just as the two groups are ready to destroy one another.

I must confess to some zombie burnout. However, I liked the way this movie worked its way into the actual attack. Directed by Ding Wang (The Killing House) and written by Diane Janna (who was a location manager on another walking dead film, Warm Bodies), I understand why this has to be a zombie movie and the scenery looks great and it’s definitely a different take on the genre.

If you have more of an appetite for brain eaters, well, you’re going to enjoy this.

World Ends at Camp Z is now available on Digital and On Demand from Média DW. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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