JESS FRANCO MONTH: Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (2013)

After Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies, Al Pereira (Antonio Mayans, who directed the film after the death of Jess Franco, who started it) is so disappointed that he never wants to work with Franco again. Yet Franco keeps begging, the Alligator Ladies (Carmen Montes, Irene Verdú and Paula Davis) are still after him and he has a crisis of faith, family and sexuality to solve.

From seeing Franco make the movie and interact with fans, as well as the typical Franco slowed down women stripped and rubbing one another scenes, the new story directed by Mayans has Al in Germany, caught by his daughter as he’s in the midst of a threesome. Also, he sees a dead body and has no idea who the killers are after: the actor, the actor playing the actor in the movie within a movie, he himself as the director, Franco or Franco within the movie, even saying dialogue like, “It’s a decomposition of human matter in cinematographic expression.”

Also — a tender man on man scene? And Franco trapped — happily — for all eternity endlessly filming girl on girl love?

Heady stuff, but mostly it’s Alligator Ladies stripping with those video effects Jess was doing before his death. Even this close to death, the man was still making filth and for that, we should always love him.

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