JESS FRANCO MONTH: Der Ruf der blonden Göttin (1977)

Susan (Ada Tauler) has come to Haiti to live with her husband Jack (Jack Taylor) and when you realize that this movie is also called Porno ShockVoodoo Passion and Call of the Blonde Goddess, you know what you’re in for.

Housekeeper Inès (Muriel Montossé) explains that this is a place of sorcery. And then Susan finds her sister-in-law Olga (Karine Gambier) naked in her bed and she just might be more into her brother than she should be and definitely loves listening to the lovemaking he’s enjoying with his new bride. Look, when your new sister-in-law says things about your husband such as “He likes me to come sleep with him. I’m his baby doll.” you should worry.

Then the nightmares begin — Nightmares Come At Night is a description and another movie that Franco made that is the same plot — and Susan dreams about violence and murder so real that she’s sure that she’s become a killer.

I really feel like I’ve seen that plot so many times and yet it works for me every time.

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