MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Knights Templar and Freemasons (2022)

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, the Knights Templar were also known as the Order of Solomon’s Temple. A Catholic military order founded in 1119 and based in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where they protected pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

Beyond their skill in battle, 90% of the Templars were non-combatant members that invented the concept of banking and were the first multi-national corporation ever. This gave them great power and led to their demise, as King Philip IV of France was deeply in debt to the order.

Their power had led to distrust, which he used to destroy them and erase his debt. He arrested and tortured several members of the order, burning them at the stake and pushing Pope Clement V to disband them. The date that he started his plan — Friday, October 13 1307 — is one of the reasons why Friday the 13th is considered a cursed day.

The claim was that the Templars made new members spit on the Cross, deny Christ and engage in indecent kissing. They were also accused of worshipping false idols and engaging in homosexuality, as well as potentially having their own religion based around the demon Baphomet and speaking to the mummified head of John the Baptist, which they found in a the Holy Land.

Despite all the torture, Grand Master Jacques de Molay was defiant, even demanding to face Notre Dame as he was burned at the stake, condemning both Pope Clement V and King Phillip by saying, “God knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death.”

They’d both be dead within a year.

Today, the Roman Catholic Church states that the trial of the Knights Templar was unjust, that nothing was inherently wrong with the order and that Pope Clement was forced by King Philip to attack them as he was a relative of the king.

In pop culture, we’ve seen the Templars show up in everything from the Blind Dead movies to National Treasure, The Da Vinci CodeIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade and so many conspiracy documentaries, like the four on this new Mill Creek DVD.

Did the Templars have the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant? Did they become warlocks in the service of a demon they found in the Temple of Solomon? What treasures did they have from their battles in the Holy Land?

Let’s see if these films have the answer.

Knights Templar: Rise and Fall: Director Philip Gardiner has made more than a hundred conspiracy movies and this one concerns how the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and even the bloodline of Jesus Christ has been linked to the warrior holy men. It also gets into the shocking artifact that the Templars found buried deep beneath the Temple of Solomon and how they protected mankind’s greatest secret of all.

Gardiner, OH Krill (who appears on plenty of conspiracy-related movies) and Paul Hughes all appear within this doc which gives a pretty decent overview of the order. You can watch this on Tubi.

Legend of the Grail: Philip Gardiner and OH Krill return for a deep exploration about what the Holy Grail truly was. Was it the cup that Jesus drank from? A cauldron used for dark magic? The bloodline of Jesus? Or was it from ancient aliens or even Atlantis?

Did the Holy Grail exist before — and was already magical — before it was used to collect the blood of Jesus. That’s one fact that you’ll learn here, as well as how it contains a secret so powerful that it could destroy the religion that has been built around Christ. You can watch this on Tubi.

Illuminati: The Grand Illusion: Ah, it used to be so quaint and fun to consider that there was a secret society that ran the world before everyone took things way too far. I feel like conspiracies the way that I used to feel about bands that sold out. I liked the first Illuminati album way better.

If you follow this film’s logic — which claims no credits on IMDB — practically every single one of us is controlled by an ancient order that has even controlled the way America was created from the very beginning of our country.

If you want to know their symbols and how they want a one world government, this is a pretty decent overview. But man, the Illuminati is practically normal compared to the idea that JFK has come back from the dead and will appear in Dallas, right?

Angels, Demons and FreemasonsNow we’re getting into what I love. Just look at this description: “Who runs the world? Is there a shadow world of powerful and elite men pulling the strings of our global society? If so, when did it originate and why? What is the real significance of Rosslyn Chapel? What were the Templars, Assassins, Druids, Augurs, Sufi’s and many more really planning for all of mankind?”

They also claim that this features cutting edge CGI and yes, for 2008, perhaps.

But hey — I’m always down to learn more about this, even if Dan Brown, whose books and movies popularized these myths stole everything from Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

You can get Knights Templar and Freemasons from Deep Discount and learn more on the Mill Creek site. It’s a lot of conspiracy for not a lot of money, but make sure to flip over your dollar so the all seeing eye doesn’t know what you’re doing.

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