Lockdown (2021)

This was once called COVID-19: Invasion.

And yes, that’s Kevin Nash — the one-time Diesel, Vinnie Vegas and Oz — playing a man named Rex who leads a militia that is looking to murder the homeless people living in a deserted school in the hopes that it’ll stop the newest and most deadly strain of COVID.

Director and writer Micah Lyons (The Runners) has created this story of a future that pretty much is tomorrow, which doesn’t exactly make me happy, but here we are. I mean, if this movie is to be believed, by 2035 — just thirteen years from today — there will only be 29 million people left on Earth. Rex asks his son Justin to look up the perfect man to lead the mission to kill off the street people, a former soldier named Hap Rollins, who refuses. Except that Hap soon realizes that his sister  Courtney is living in that school and will be targeted by the militia.

With a tagline like “If COVID doesn’t kill you, they will,” you kind of know what you’re getting into with this movie. I’d like to think that this isn’t how the world will go, but when I see the intolerance on both sides of the fight, it makes me realize that I probably should be loading up on the kidney beans like Hap and his wife.

I really want Kevin Nash to do more movies, because he’s an engaging personality and lots of fun. He just needs a role that uses his natural good humor and coolness to better advantage. He’s really good in the few minutes of screentime that he has, so hopefully he gets more of a chance to stretch soon.

Lockdown is available on DVD and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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