Bergeron Brothers: Wedding Videographers (2021)

You know when you start hanging out with someone and they tell you that they have a band and when you go see them they’re horrible and you wonder, “How can I still be friends when this band is so bad?” and then you just never talk about it and it gets awkward?

Well, Ben Dietels is half of the podcast Neon Brainiacs with his friend Gregg Harrington and they watched Silent Scream and Disconnected with us on the Drive-In Asylum Double Feature and Ben told us about this movie that he made and his taste seems pretty solid, so I was kind of worried if the movie that he co-directed, co-wrote and co-stars in with Blake O’Donnell would play out like that Rage Against the Machine cover band — Rage Against the Machine 2 — that used to practice above us in that storage place in Allentown.

Whew. This movie’s awesome. I feel so good about that.

Flynn and August Bergeron (Ben and Blake) are obsessed with being the best wedding videographers they can be, which means living next to a Pittsburgh toilet in a basement, and non-stop training themselves — and filming themselves — as they prepare for their first wedding. Nothing goes right at all, which is expected, but the emotional story under all the humor was.

I kind of love that the idea of this movie exists, because when you wonder, “How did the guy who shot my wedding learn how to do it?” your mind reels. As for my wife and me, when she got to the altar and asked, “Where’s the guy shooting our wedding?” and I had to quickly explain that he no-showed, the end of this movie rings so true.

And even if I never met Ben, I’d still laugh at this movie for the right reasons.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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