Jigoku Kôshien (2003)

Jigoku Kōshien means Hell Kōshien or as we refer to this movie in America, Battlefield Baseball. It’s based on the manga by Gatarō Man, who also wrote this movie, and it tells the story of Seido High School and their baseball team, which finally has a chance to play in the Koshien Stadium Tournament for the first time in decades.

The only problem is that the Gedo High School stands in their way and their team doesn’t leave the field until they kill everyone on the other side.

The story revolves around Jubeh, a pitcher so dangerous that he killed his father while playing catch and therefore has vowed to never play baseball again. But when he’s killed by an explosion cause by the Gedo team, he goes to Heaven, meets his father and gets the inspiration to come back to Earth and play high school baseball.

Yūdai Yamaguchi would go on to direct plenty other strange movies like Meatball Machine and this film’s spiritual sequel, Deadball, which continues the story of Jubeh Yakyu.

Let me say it now once and for all: baseball would be so much better with cyborgs, senseless violence and people being brought back by the tears of a juvenille delinquent.

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