Ditched (2021)

Desperate to escape an overturned ambulance after what should be a normal prison transfer, Melina, some cops, other paramedics and two criminals find themselves being hunted by something in the woods — a costumed hunting party led by Caine and filled reasons to kill everyone — as the survivors have just a hundred feet to climb out of a ditch to escape.

For a movie that takes place in the small region of the crash, this film ramps up the intensity and shows that even though this is his first film, director and writer Christopher Donaldson creates a pretty decent horror movie. His skills as a storyboard are obvious in the way that he sets up a lot of his shots and keeps the action moving.

It’s not perfect, but the constantly flashing ambulance and police car lights, as well as the garish costumes and the incredible levels of gore, set this movie apart. I really liked the performance by Marika Sila as Melina, a woman who just wants to get home to her daughter.

Ditched is available from Dread on VOD January 18th and on blu ray February 15th.

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