Mill Creek Through the Decades: 1960s Collection: Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963)

Hogan (Jack Lemmon) has quite a life. He’s an independently wealthy landlord of a California apartment complex that he rents exclusively to beautiful women for just $75 a month. Women are his passion, which is why he has a swinging bedroom to rival Dudley Moore’s pad from Foul Play.

Now, he has his sights set on Robin Austin (Carol Lynley, Beware! The BlobThe Night Stalker), which is the perfect thing to get his mind off his breakup with Irene (Edie Adams, who was both emotionally and financially devastated by the death of her husband Ernie Kovacs, so friend Jack Lemmon got her hired and her part expanded from the play that inspired this movie). And who cares if Robin is Irene’s niece, right? Well, those are Hogan’s morals…

Speaking of morality, Robin wants to live with her fiancee David (Dean Jones, as always just on the edge of screaming and being mad at everyone), but doesn’t want them to sleep together. As you can imagine, this drives David mad and gives Hogan plenty of chances to break them up.

The best part of this movie? The older married couple that works for Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, who are played by Paul Lynde and Imogene Coca.

Hogan’s cat, Orangey, had quite the career. Trained by Frank Inn, who also was the owner of Green Acres’ Arnold and Petticoat Junction’s Higgins — also the first Benji — Orangey was in everything from the TV series Our Miss Brooks and The Beverly Hillbillies to This Island Earth and The Diary of Anne Frank. He’s most famous for his roles as the cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and for menacing Grant Williams in The Incredible Shrinking Man. He also was the lead in the movie Rhubarb, which was a name that he also used.

Director David Swift may be best known for Pollyanna and The Parent Trap, but he also wrote How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and directed another movie on the Mill Creek Through the Decades: 1960s Collection set, Good Neighbor Sam.

Mill Creek’s new Through the Decades: 1960s Collection has twelve movies: How to Ruin a Marriage and Save Your Life, The Notorious Landlady, Under the Yum Yum Tree, The Chase, Good Neighbor Sam, Baby the Rain Must Fall, Mickey One, Lilith, Genghis Khan, Luv, Who Was That Lady? and Hook, Line and Sinker. You can get it from Deep Discount.

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