The Surprise Visit (2022)

Juliette and her husband plan on surprising her mother, who ends up being out of town, which is what her gardener (Eric Roberts, who in the mid 1990s was present for a deal I made with several demons to secure the future release of several Italian and American exploitation films on a format that would come to be known as 4K; you’re welcome and I’m cursed to watch every movie Mr. Roberts makes) tells them. At the same time, his junkie son and his pregnant wife are planning on stealing from the same mansion.

Director Nick Lyon has made quite a few movies like Isle of the DeadRise of the Zombie and Species: The Awakening, which gives him the experience to make this movie filled with nail-biting moments. It’s an interesting idea to pit two couples against one another from different castes and at different moments in their lives.

This movie claims to be based on a true story. You know that as soon as I saw that, I was going to watch this.

The Surprise Visit is playing in theaters and is also available on demand.

One thought on “The Surprise Visit (2022)

  1. The worst movie EVER! what a joke based on true story! Terrible hideous sums up everything about this movie! It is the worst. I’d it’s based on true story , why can’t you find a thing about it anywhere based on true events took place , it’s a joke. I’m sorry wasted
    my time ! I’d rather watched paint dry.


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