Die Hard Dracula (1998)

Director and writer Peter Horak may have shot this in Prague and California, but it looks like the kind of movies that Cabellero and VCA put out in 1998 without you know, all the ejaculate. It also has a lead who loses his girl in a rowboat accident, which sends him to Europe, and into the orbit of — you knew it — Dracula (played by three actors, Ernest M. Garcia, Chaba Hrotko and Tom McGowan).

Who can battle Dracula? How about Bruce Glover? Yes, Crispin’s dad.

Horak did stunts on Viva Knievel!Throw Mama from the Train and more than twenty other films. I have no idea what made him write, produce and direct a comedy Dracula movie that is beyond brutally unfunny. I mean, I have no limit when it comes to evil — I mean bad movies — and this one really pushed me even worse than any other film has.

Which means I loved the experience and I’d totally force you to watch it while screaming about why they made the choices they did.

But why Die Hard Dracula?

You can watch this on YouTube.

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