Bloodline: Vengeance From Beyond (2010)

Fifteen years ago, Sandra lost her twin sister Giulia in the woods — they have twin telepathy — but after Sandra steps into a bear trap, Giulia is killed by a serial killer named The Surgeon. Years later, he kills himself and takes away any chance that Sandra would ever be reunited with her sibling when he killed himself and took his secrets with him.

Now, she’s a reporter and her partner Marco joins her as they shoot a behind the scenes feature of Klaus Kinki’s latest adult film, which just so happens to be shot at the mansion that once belonged to The Surgeon.

Sandra feels that this will be a way to get over her sister’s death, Marco discovers that he may have a future in porn and oh yeah, the murders start all over again. And perhaps Sandra keeps seeing her sister’s ghost. Then Sandra finds Giulia’s body. So yes, The Surgeon may be back, but now his victims come back from the dead.

Is the movie just an adult film? Or has Kinki decided to start making snuff? Is Giulia’s ghost on her sister’s side? How did The Surgeon survive? Or is it a copycat? Man, a lot of questions!

A post-Filmirage Italian movie that feels like it belongs in the 80s in the best of ways, this even has gore from Sergio Stivaletti and music from Claudio Simonetti and this all pleases me. My quest to find horror made in this century from Italy continues!

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