Gigi Graham’s Deucember Picks!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our friend Gigi Graham — whose site Midnight Movie Monster is an ongoing inspiration to our site — has selected a different movie for every day of December, or Deucember. We want more people to read the awesome stuff that she writes, so here’s everything about this annual month of movie madness from Gigi herself:

Deucember is a yearly event from the crew over at The Grindhouse Cinema Database. Anyone can participate, and the goal is simple. Watch at least one exploitation film per day, and share it with the rest of the community via the hashtag #Deucember on social media. Unlike a lot of other monthly movie events, there are no scavenger hunt conditionals or specific subgenre restrictions. Skin, sin, and splatter are all fair game, in a choose your own adventure journey to the heart of the discarded and disreputable corner of cinema. With participants checking in from all over the world, it’s also a great opportunity to discover new titles from the fringes.

As someone who finds the winter holiday season stressful, Deucember is the perfect chance to check out of the usual festive folderol and take a deep dive into my ever expanding watch lists, and choose 31 films to watch and review over 31 days. Each year I agonize over the perfect playlist like I’m making a crush a mixtape, and in a certain sense, I kind of am. What could a certified midnight movie monster love more than obscure cinema? Not much. 

Here’s a compendium of my Deucember reviews for 2021, and where you can watch each title. The holidays come but once a year, but discovering the perfect piece of oddball cinema is forever.

DAY 1: Cry for Cindy: For 2021’s big opening, we’re going hardcore. Porno chic, censorship battles and the (double) life and times of a beautiful blond disco queen in 1976’s high class call girl opus Cry For Cindy.

Available on disc as part of Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama line, as an Anthony Spinelli triple feature with Touch Me and Act Of Confession.

DAY 2: The Nesting: A porn director makes a bid for the mainstream, and ends up with a Section 3 video nasty. Gothic novels, ghost hookers and Gloria Grahame in 1981’s The Nesting.

Streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi, also on disc via Blue Underground.

DAY 3: Sweet Trash: A criminal syndicate run by a super computer forces a hard drinking, debt ridden longshoreman on the lam. Hookers, headhunters and old New York in 1970’s Sweet Trash.

Available on double feature disc with The Hang Up, as part of the Vinegar Syndrome Drive-In Collection.

DAY 4: The Black Room: A sexy swingers’ pad in the Hollywood hills draws a married couple into a tangled web of kink, infidelity & vampirism in undeservedly obscure 1982 sex & death classic The Black Room.

This hasn’t had a home release since the VHS era, prints occasionally pop up on popular streaming sites from time to time.

DAY 5: Bonnie’s Kids: A pair of sultry sisters shoot their abusive stepfather & flee to L.A. only to find bigger problems in the big city. Mobsters, closet cases and bickering hitmen….EVERYONE is looking for Bonnie’s Kids (1972).

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

DAY 6: The Hard Road: Pretty Pamela spirals from unplanned pregnancy to the most perilous depths of sex, drugs & rock and roll in Gary Graver helmed tower of teen peril…1970’s The Hard Road.

Available as a digital download from Something Weird Video

DAY 7: Madness: A weekend getaway turns from holiday to horror when an escaped convict launches a home invasion to recover his hidden $300 million lira. Warhol superstar Joe D’allesandro stars in 1980’s Madness.

Streaming on Kanopy and an edited cut is on Amazon Prime.

DAY 8: Night of 1000 Cats: Time to take a trip south of the border for some Mexican horror. Pretty beaches! Pretty women! Sociopathic playboys with murderous house pets! It’s time for Night Of 1000 Cats (1972).

Streaming on Tubi, Amazon Prime and Pluto TV.

DAY 9: Room 43/Passport of Shame:An innocent French waitress gets entangled with a vice racket. A London cabbie & his friends are the only ones who can save her. Gutter noir & blonde bombshell Diana Dors in Passport To Shame (1958).

Streaming on BFI Player Classics.


DAY 10: Francy’s Friday: A beautiful blonde turns the suburbs into a swinging place in this 1972 oddball softcore “couples” adult film. Not just any Friday, It’s… Francy’s Friday.

Available as a digital download from Something Weird Video.

DAY 11: Naked Massacre/Born for Hell: A shellshocked Vietnam vet gets stranded in Belfast, his obsessive nature & fractured mind about to spell terrible tragedy for a house full of nurses. It’s time for 1976’s bleak, based on a true story terror Naked Massacre.

Available as Born From Hell uncut and on disc from Severin, edited Naked Massacre cut streaming on Amazon Prime.

DAY 12: Common Law Wife: When a wealthy oilman wants to swap his live in girlfriend for a sexy stripper, a cavalcade of double crosses and sleazy secrets lead to murder. Lust in the Texas dust aside, it isn’t easy to get rid of a Common Law Wife (1963).

Available as a digital download from Something Weird Video

DAY 13: Mad Foxes: An aging Spanish playboy goes to war with a Nazi biker gang in left field rape revenge meets martial arts meets softcore meets heavy metal manic mess of a movie….. its the genre hopping 1981 sleazefest Mad Foxes.

The uncut version is available on DVD from Full Moon, the 69 minute edit is streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

DAY 14: New York After Midnight: Betrayal, bisexuality and blood on the (disco) dance floor in pornographer Jacques Scandelari’s stylish exercise in exploitation thriller, 1978’s New York After Midnight.

This also hasn’t had a home release since the VHS era, prints occasionally pop up on popular streaming sites.

DAY 15: Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century: It’s the credited collie, fishbone comb, Italian/Canadian monster mash of copyright infringement cinema….1977’s Yeti: Giant Of The 20th Century.

Streaming on Tubi and Night Flight.

DAY 16: The Night God Screamed: Murder, men of God and a faux Manson family torment a former Old Hollywood star making a genre turn in 1971’s regional exploitation grab bag The Night God Screamed.

Hasn’t had a proper home release since the VHS era. As always, keep an eye on the popular streaming sites.

DAY 17: She Shoulda Said No!: Art imitates trash imitates life as moral panics and double standards destroy a beautiful blonde’s life in the marijuana mad meta, ripped from the headlines 1949 exploitation cheapie She Shoulda Said No!

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Direct TV and Paramount+, available on disc via Something Weird and Kino Lorber.

DAY 18: The Meatrack: A beautiful bisexual hustler can’t escape his past, even when immersed in the thriving gay underground culture of bathhouses, bawdy theaters and adult bookstores in 1970’s The Meatrack.

Available as a digital download from Something Weird Video.

DAY 19: She Mob:

A badass butch lesbian leads an all girl gang on a caper that leads to kink, blackmail and a kidnapped gigolo. Hold on to your bullet bras and black stockings, it’s 1968’s She Mob.

Available on disc from Something Weird and the American Genre Film Archive.

DAY 20: Horror Safari:

Deception and death follow a band of fortune hunters looking for a lost stash of gold in 1982 jungle jamboree Horror Safari.

Available on disc from Severin, streaming with an edited cut and its original title (Invaders Of The Lost Gold) on Amazon Prime.

DAY 21: Cover Girl Killer: Wow! is a popular pin up magazine….beautiful young women are just dying to be on the cover. There’s a psycho loose in the Soho streets, can Scotland Yard stop him before it’s too late? Find out in 1959’s Cover Girl Killer.

Streaming on Amazon Prime.


DAY 22: Evil Come, Evil GoStreet preacher Sarah Jane is going to cure the world of casual sex & sinful men, one stab at a time. She’s even indoctrinated a new Sister into her bloody order. It’s 1972’s sleazy, softcore slash fest Evil Come, Evil Go.

Available on disc from Vinegar Syndrome as part of The Walt Davis Collection triple feature disc, alongside Oh! You Beautiful Doll and Widow Blue.

DAY 23: Lady, Stay Dead: Sun, sand and a sex obsessed handyman spell doom for a diva. Too bad her sister proves much harder to kill. It’s sun drenched Ozsploitation sleaze in 1981’s Lady, Stay Dead.

Available on a Code Red disc that is now out of print, but pretty easy to find on the secondary market.

DAY 24: Teenage Seductress: A writer becomes dependent on his pretty new secretary. Will he discover her dark secret before he finds his life destroyed by a Teenage Seductress (1975)?

Available on disc from Vinegar Syndrome, as a double feature with Little Miss Innocence.

DAY 25: Test Tube Babies: It’s a Christmas miracle…of life. Can a newfangled medical procedure save a married couple from booze, bickering and boredom? Find out in 1948 white coater Test Tube Babies.

Available as a digital download from Something Weird Video, there’s also an edited cut streaming on Amazon Prime.

DAY 26: StuntsStuntpeople know putting their lives on the line is an occupational hazard, but it’s not usually a murderer that they have to worry about. Death follows the crew of an action film in 1977’s Stunts.

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

DAY 27: Shanty Tramp: A Southern fried slattern leaves murder and mayhem in her wake with her conniving machinations. A landmark of regional hicksploitation sleaze, can anyone survive the night with Shanty Tramp (1967)?

Available for digital download via Something Weird Video and streaming on MUBI.

DAY 28: Lurkers: You can never go home again, which beautiful cellist Cathy learns the hard way. Let the bridge & tunnel kids call them ghosts, in Roberta Findlay’s New York City we call them Lurkers (1988).

Available on a double feature disc with Prime Evil from Vinegar Syndrome.

DAY 29: Lady Cocoa: When a gangster’s moll goes state’s evidence, both the cops and the criminals get way more than they bargained for. The impossibly lovely Lola Falana stars in Lady Cocoa (1975).

Streaming on Tubi, Brown Sugar and The Film Detective. Available on a double feature disc from Vinegar Syndrome with The Candy Tangerine Man.

DAY 30: The Love Statue: LSD Experience: Bohemians, big doses & bitchy brunettes all plague a painter in New York City’s Greenwich Village. But did they drive him to murder? Or was it just a bad trip? It’s David Durston’s The Love Statue: LSD Experience (1965).

Available on a Secret Key DVD that is currently out of print, but still available on the secondary market.

Day 31: Hollywood Horror House/Savage IntruderAn aging actress makes a handsome stranger into her personal gigolo. A familiar story…..except this time it involves miniature drug dealers, a lot of colorful checkerboards, and electric knife dismemberments. To see 2021 out, it’s regional hagsploitation/hippie hangover hybrid Hollywood Horror House (1970).

Available on disc from Vinegar Syndrome.

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