Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

The seventh — and promised to be the last, but come on, who were they kidding — Texas Chainsaw movie, this was at least the last film for Marilyn Burns and Gunnar Hansen. It’s also pretty cool to see Bill Moseley play Jim Siedow’s role, as well as John Dugan be Grandpa again.

But they’re going to keep on making these movies long after I’m dead.

Platinum Dunes, who made the other new ones, decided they didn’t want to make another Leatherface movie, so Twisted Pictures, Nu Image and Lionsgate Films took over from New Line Cinema but only LionsGate’s name is on the movie.

Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome, but I kind of like the central idea of this movie. After the events of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the town sheriff arrives at the Sawyer house demanding that Leatherface surrender. The family complies just in time for the entire town of Newt, Texas to burn down the Sawyer home and kill everyone except a baby kill. In fact, after she’s saved, her mother is killed. The man that murdered her, Gavin Miller, and his wife Arlene raise the baby as their child.

Fast-forward and we meet Heather Miller, who learns that her grandmother has died and left her an inheritance in Newt, Texas, a place she’s shocked to learn that she was from. Her friends join her on the trip to find out what the will has in store for her, but when one of them starts casing the house to steal things, he meets Leatherface. Actually, she shouldn’t get too close to any of her friends because the most famous of the Sawyer killers just wants to wipe out everyone and anything, then make face masks out of their bodies.

The other part I kind of love about this movie is that its lead comes to accept the burden of family and realizes that if she takes care of him, he will always protect her. That’s a strange close to a film series that usually has Leatherface whooping and dancing and upset that he didn’t get to murder everyone.

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