The Magical Christmas Tree (2021)

The first ever non-binary led Christmas film, this is the story of Pace (Socks Whitmore, an agender/gender non-conforming singer, voice and stage actor, lyricist-composer and writer), who is sent on an adventure to find a tree by her boss, who was once mean but has now been visited by not just three ghosts of Christmas but four.

That journey brings Pace to an elf named Buddy (Ky Mullen) and sparks fly. I’ve already seen one upset review on Amazon about this, saying that it wasn’t appropriate for a teenager, but I think that review may have come from someone who was morally upset by what they just saw.

I mean, it is Christmas. Or the holidays. Or honestly whatever you want to call it. This is a cute and silly little movie, a bit of fun, and if the worst we deal with is watching some non-gender-conforming elves and humans find love, then why are we even singing carols and giving gifts?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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