JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Showgirl (1998)

We don’t usually cover adult movies all that often here, but this is Joe D’Amato’s last movie, so that seems like more than a good enough reason to watch this film.

I’d like to tell you that Joe went and made a remake of Showgirls, but really the only thing this movie has in common with that piece of exploitation by way of Hollywood lunacy is that it takes place mostly in an adult club. Hungarian-born actress Eva Henger (Miss Teen Hungary 1989) plays Eva, who is our Nomi Malone, even if we don’t even get a single recreation of any scene from that film.

There’s also an 82-minute softcore version of this movie which has to be really rough to get through. Helping matters is an appearance by Jazmine Rose, who showed up pretty frequently in mid 90s adult films with her then paramour Nacho Vidal (who is in this, but their scene together cuts before anything happens). She did 29 movies between 1998 and 2001 before becoming a chef, appearing on Chopped and having quite a culinary career.

If D’Amato had made this a decade earlier, he’d have gone to New Orleans and shot an entire pastiche of the movie he was ripping off, had Laura Gemser as Cristal Connors and really tried a bit more. That said, you can still see some of his eye for camera composition in this, even if it’s in the service of making a better looking shot in a day or two sex movie.

It’s not great but it is history.

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