Beyto (2020)

This import to U.S. streaming audiences hails from Switzerland and features the subtitled languages of Swiss German and Turkish. The story deals with a second generation Muslim immigrant — a closeted gay — who beings a romance with an openly gay, Swiss national. Beyto is a champion swimmer, which makes his new love all-the-more complicated: it’s his swim coach, Mike.

While issues regarding LBGT issues have come a long way in the U.S., many in overseas countries do not know the joys to love freely without retribution. This sixth feature by writer/director Gitta Gsell (three narrative films and two documentaries) opens one’s eyes to the issues of sexuality, marriage, and the pressures of familial conflict that most American gays have never faced.

As you can see from the trailer below, this is a finely crafted work deserving of international distribution. Dimitri Stapfer, who stars as Mike, was nominated for a “Best Performance in a Supporting Role” award at the Swiss Film Prize (2021), while writer/director Gitta Gsell earned nominations at the Zurich Film Festival (2020), The Boston LGBT Film Festival (2021), and won the “Prix du Public” at the Solothurn Film Festival (2021). The screenplay is based on the novel, Hochzeitsflug (Wedding Flight) by Yusuf Yesiloz.

Beyto is now available from Lomotion AG Films in the U.S. on your preferred streaming platforms in December.

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