The Scrapper (2021)

Watching The Scrapper is bittersweet.

It’s great to see the always-welcomed and familiar face of character actor Craig muMs Grant (yes, his name is stylized as such). His breakthrough role was as “Poet” on HBO’s Oz, while his many network and cable series appearances included the Law & Order franchise. He was working on the Starz series Highttown at the time of his death. He also appeared in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled (2000). He died due to complications of diabetes at the age of 52 (New York Times obituary) this past March. The Scrapper, however, will not be the end of his legacy: his final two films are in post-production: Life After You (with Kathryn Erbe of Law & Order fame) and Bitcon (with Frank Whaley), with No Sudden Move (starring Don Cheadle, Benicio De Toror, and Joe Hamm) also recently released.

Grant stars, here, alongside the film’s lead actor, writer and director Bari Kang. The Scrapper is Kang’s second feature film. His debut feature, Lucky (2016), a crime thriller that captured his immigrant experience, was respected enough in critical circles to be reviewed in-the-positive by The L.A Times — not an easy task for self-produced indie feature.

Kang is ex-con of Punjabi-Mexican heritage who now not only cares for his mentally-challenged brother, but also expecting a child on the way. To provide for his family, he takes on one last job. That “last job” — a violent robbery — may be the last of everything as he finds himself between warring factions of Punjabi and Mexican crime syndicates versed in money-laundering, drug running and human trafficking. When the job goes bad: he is pursued by both mobs in an act of vengeance.

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino and the Goodfellas-side of Martin Scorsese, you’ll enjoy the effective, dark, gritty tone-on-a-budget that Bari Kang will bring to your favorite streaming platform starting December 7 from 1091 Pictures. You can also watch Lucky as a VOD on Amazon.

Both films are well-made, heartfelt passion works worthy of streaming and of your making it a double-feature night with Bari Kang.

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