Bigfoot, UFOs and Jesus (2021)

I mean, with the words Jesus right in the name, can I be mad at myself for suddenly realizing in the midst of this movie that I was watching another Christian film? Look, they can’t all be Laura Gemser-starring voodoo snake women movies, can they?

Hannah Howard — now a famous country singer — once saw something not of this earth. Was it…Bigfoot, UFOs and Jesus?

She’s tried to forget about it until she does what everyone in every movie I watch seems to do. She comes back home.

That means that everyone wants to unlock her secrets, from her hippy mom (former SNL star Victoria Jackson, whose appearance instantly made me say, “Oh, this is a Christian movie”) or her former minister (Donnie Most) or her bigfoot hunter brother (Josh “Ponceman” Perry).

To make things even stranger, the lights that she saw back then have come back to Devil’s Crossroads, which means that she’s about to learn just what happened.

Ah man, this movie was also called Lost Heart and if I’d known that, I wouldn’t have sat through it. It’s a streaming film with a message and I’m not cutting it down for having a message. If you’ve read the tons of religious films we’ve covered here, we do love a good parable, particularly if it involves Franco Nero and bad CGI. There’s an idea in here that needed to be explored and it could have been a better movie — can you believe in Jesus and aliens and sasquatch?

Because I need to know that answer.

The Dove review of this movie would like to warn you that a woman in this movie has a tattoo.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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