Ankle Biters (2021)

Originally known as Cherrypicker, which was probably too Canadian of a title, Ankle Biters totally took me by surprise and took me on a wild ride with four of the worst behaved kids since Who Can Kill a Child? or Devil Times Five.

Sean, a hockey goon, has fallen in love with Laura, a widowed mother of four young daughters. When their rough arrdvarking alerts the kids that their mother is being hurt — spoiler she isn’t and it’s just roleplay — they plan to protect her no matter what it takes. And what it takes is murder after murder.

Comedy fans will recognize Colin Mochrie as Detective Morton, but otherwise this young cast was all new to me and they excel in all of their roles. There are some shocking moments here from start to finish and at no time was I bored or taken out of the story. In fact, I had a blast and I’d recommend that if you have an open mind, aren’t easily offended and are ready to be taken aback, get this movie and indulge yourself.

The only person I feel bad for is Sean, because the guy means well. His meaning well just makes things worse. And worse. And then even worse.

You can check this out on demand from Dark Star Pictures.

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