That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes (2021)

Theta-waves from internet boxes.

That’s what’s causing all this madness.

Leonard has already lost his girlfriend, despite them still living together and her attacking him with a knife. But as he spirals downward in his job — nobody has a single nice thing to say about his abilities as a chef — he starts to hallucinate. Is he going crazy from the stress? Or are those theta-waves real?

Meanwhile, Leonard’s girlfriend’s father has been clogging the toilet and unleashing a steady stream of naked male models on the apartment, all while people start becoming theta-driven killers.

Directed and written by Onur Tukel and in black and white and all confusing, this certainly won’t be for everyone. I watched it once and it left me cold, so I watched it again a few days later, and I got the same feeling. But hey — movies are for everyone, so perhaps you’ll discover something better than I did.

That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes is now available from Dark Star Pictures.

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