Night of the Animated Dead (2021)

Who does this movie exist for? Anyone can easily find Night of the Living Dead and there’s really no need for it to be nearly shot for shot remade with more in your face gore and overacted voiceovers.

Sure, you get to see what happened in front of Beekman’s Diner, but otherwise, all this movie adds is more viscera to the proceedings. The characters look beyond flat and the only thing that the ones that look like the original actors will do is make you want to just watch the black and white classic that this shamelessly copies.

Jason Axinn made To Your Last Death which had so much more going for it than this effort. Lack of effort, maybe.

About the only thing to watch this movie for is to see who takes over each voice. Barbara is Katharine Isabelle from Ginger Snaps and her brother Johnny is Jimmi Simpson from Westworld. Dulé Hill is Ben, while Harry and Helen Cooper are played by Josh Duhamel and Nancy Travis. Tom is James Roday Rodriguez and Judy is Katee Sackhoff while MAD TV comedian Will Sasso is Sheriff McClelland.

Otherwise, this is an overly referential version of the original film that would have been better off if it Ralph Bakshi rotoscoped the inspiration and just made it look more cartoonish.

New movie fans won’t have any need to see this and fans of the original will undoubtedly be upset with the fact that this offers little new. Instead, all it does is give you more: more blood, more internal organs, more animated bodies that feel like they float instead of moving like people.

Also take a look at that great art on the cover. You’re not getting anything like that in this cartoon.

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