SALEM HORROR FEST: Sundown Town (2021)

Let’s just get it out of the way: horror can be an escape, but the truth is, it’s always political, offering a lens for us to see the world in a way that may be too harsh to face in the light of the day.

This film is about Bryce and Mitchell’s trip home across country, which is suddenly stopped by red and blue lights in a town that grows darker not for any horror movie villain, but for the reality of racism and police corruption.

And then — and only then — do the horror elements arrive.

Mylo Butler, the director, cinematographer and co-writer with Jada Lewter, has added some incredibly gorgeous visuals into this, as well as moments of true heart and beauty amongst all the ugliness. This does what all shorts should — it makes you wonder where else the story could go.

Sundown Town is now playing Salem Horror Fest and you can watch this short and all of the features with their virtual pass now until the end of October.

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