Twist (2021)

Twist lives up to its title as a modern-day retelling of Oliver Twist, with Michael Caine as Issac “Fagin” Solomon, Rafferty Law as Twist, Lena Headey as Sikes, Rita Ora as Dodge, Noel Clarke as Brownlow, Jason Maza as Bedwin (Clarke and Maza co-produced the film), Franz Drameh as Batesey, Sophie Simnett as Nancy “Red” Leigh, David Walliams as Dr. Crispin Losberne, Dominic Di Tommaso as Tom Chitling and Leigh Francis as Warden Bumble.

The world of Twist is less about pickpockets and more about the world of art theft, parkour and graffiti, so it’s definitely a much more modern update, right?

This was directed by Martin Owen, who also made L.A. SlasherLet’s Be Evil and Killers Anonymous. It has the feel of Kingsmen or Now You See Me and if you liked those movies, you’ll like this. If you’re a stickler for the classics, you surely will not.

Raff Law is, of course, the son of Jude Law and this is a nice way to introduce him to audiences. And it’s filled with needle drop songs you obviously know, so there’s that was well. It was a pleasant enough way to spend an afternoon, to be fair.

Twist is available on demand and on blu ray from Saban Films.

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