SALEM HORROR FEST: Hideout (2021)

As they run from a botched robbery, four criminals — one critically injured — end up at a farmhouse. But the family inside may be more dangerous than waiting for the police.

The first full-length film from Kris Roselli, Hideout has families on both side of the character divide and cross purposes for the robbery. Shot in an Airbnb house in Millville, NJ, the foursome make their way into the home and are treated — at first — with hospitality as the grandma and granddaughter remove the bullet and treat Reed (Chris Wolfe, who is wonderful in this, going for sympathetic to menacing sometimes in the very same moment). However, once the fugitives realize the homeowners — and soon everyone in the neighborhood — know who they are, things begin to get violent.

Bryan Enright, who plays Kyle, is really solid in this. He expects to be able to control these civilians and gradually learns that he’s in over his head. This is a great opportunity for him to show just how talented he is with a big role and he makes a wonderful showing.

That word — gradually — comes into play here as the criminals start trying to escape   as the supernatural moments begin to increase. And there’s a really tense scene as a neighbor gives two of them a ride, realizes that he’s listening to a police report about them on the radio and ends up bleeding out at the hands of Reed.

Part criminals trying to escape, part home invasion, part occult horror — this film has moments for just about any genre fan to dig into.

Hideout is premiering during the Salem Horror Fest and will be available on demand November 9. Until then, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several unique films during October. You can learn more about Hideout at the official Facebook page.

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