Grave Intentions (2021)

Look, Robert Forester shows up in this and for that alone, this is not going to get a bad review. What a wonderful surprise to see him appear!

Madam Josephine is ready to teach you the basics of magic. The most important lesson? You must be mindful of your intention, a fact that all five of her customers — the stories in this anthology — are about to learn.

Five of her customers are about to learn this the hard way. Magic is funny that way — luck can go wrong, seeking justice can turn you evil, things can go too far and demons — and stray cats — can overwhelm you.

The stories within this movie come from other countries — the Philippines, Australia and the United States — multiple directors and even various times — the first segment “The Bridge Partner” was made in 2015, which is how Forester is in this — yet the narrative hook that unites them is solid.

From the prolonged torture of criminals in “The Disappearance of Willie Bingham” to the cat attacks of “Violent Florence,” the who cries wolf last family pranks in “The Son, The Father” and an old fashioned ghost hiding under the bed story in “Marian,” this film hits a variety of genres and levels of intensity.

You can learn more at the official web page and Facebook page for this movie. The Madam Josephine’s Magical Workshop section of the site is really deep with lots to explore. What a great piece of marketing!

Grave Intentions is now available digitally from Terror Films.

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