NEWS: Toho, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo Celebrate Pop-Culture Icon Godzilla’s 67th Birthday!

Toho International, Inc. sent us some great info as they prepare for the King of Monsters’ 67th birthday on November 3. Here’s what’s happening!

The world premiere of the 4K remastering of Godzilla at Alamo Drafthouse!

Austin-based movie theater company Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, in association with Janus Films, will exclusively host a coast-to-coast world premiere of the long-anticipated 4K remaster of Godzilla’s first attack. They will screen fan-favorite kaiju classics Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Shin Godzilla and a double feature of two Heisei era classics that have never been shown theatrically in North America — 1984’s The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Biollante. Tickets for all films can be purchased at and participating Alamo Drafthouse theaters starting Wednesday, October 6.

The official Godzilla shop!

Toho Int. has teamed up with Mondo, Super7, Kinokuniya and the official Godzilla Shop on Amazon to offer fans exciting new Godzilla merchandise.

The Godzilla AR Experience

For the first time ever, an augmented reality experience will be created for the original 1954 Godzilla character. Fans download the AR experience on their mobile device using the QR code available at and Alamo Drafthouse locations. Share photos using the hashtag #GodzillaDay.

New stuff from Mondo!

Pop culture collectibles brand Mondo has kicked off its “Godzilla Week” festivities with the release of several exciting new products, including Godzilla and Hedorah Sofubis, the latest addition to their “Godzilla Museum” statue line, and more. The company also plans to announce several top secret additions to its Toho Collection on November 3, including the beginning of its tribute to the Heisei series, with The Return Of Godzilla’s soundtrack pressed on vinyl.

Kinokuniya Bookstores of America

Continuing their successful “Godzilla Invasion” campaign nationwide, Kinokuniya Bookstores of America will once again offer fans access to a myriad of Godzilla merchandise, including items available exclusively from the official Godzilla Store in Japan. Originally established in Japan, Kinokuniya USA has been considered the prime location for enthusiasts of “otaku” culture in America since the US branch’s founding in 1969. Whether shopping for premium Godzilla products or comparable franchises, Kinokuniya USA offers a great selection of English and Japanese books, manga, gift items, and high-quality stationery since the branch’s founding in 1969.

Watch Godzilla 1978 the TV series!

Fans can head to the Godzilla YouTube Channel now to watch episodes of the “Godzilla” 1978 series, with new episodes dropping weekly on Mondays, along with “Godziban” episodes dropping weekly on Fridays.

Want to know more?

For regular brand updates, stay tuned on the official Godzilla website, Instagram@godzilla_toho, Twitter @toho_godzilla and YouTube Channel GodzillaToho. #GodzillaDay

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