SALEM HORROR FEST 2021: Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made (2021)

Snapper is a fun short that tells the story of an unfinished 90s eco horror film, the work that went into it and why it ended. With behind-the-scenes set footage, photos, newly digitized film reels of daily footage and never-before-told stories from the filmmakers, this idea could have been real, but just didn’t make it.

What did was a study of the Boston DIY horror and FX scene, as well as the friendship of Mark Veau, Michael Savino and Scott Andrews. Writer and director John Campopiano was also the creative force behind Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary and the same quality of that film is in this, which is a lot for a movie that ultimately never saw the light of day.

I found myself getting sad watching this, as Snapper feels like the kind of regional film that we would be watching and writing about with our site. Here’s hoping that someday it become a reality.  For now, we have this fun short to remember it with.

Snapper is now playing Salem Horror Fest as part of the Showcase of Massachusetts Filmmakers series. When we have streaming info, we’ll share it in this post. For now, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several other films during October.

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