FANTASTIC FEST: Mother Schmuckers (2021)

Issachar & Zabulon, two scumbag brothers, have lost just about everything including a place to get food, now that they’ve lost one more thing — January Jack, their mother’s beloved dog. And unless they get it back in 24 hours, they’re out of her house.

Starring — as well as written and directed by along with his brother Lenny — Harpo Guit, this movie starts with the two leads (Maxi Delmelle plays the other brother) cooking their mother human feces for breakfast and her throwing up the film’s title. If you don’t run away at that point, maybe this is the film for you.

Debuting in the U.S. as part of the Midnight section of the Sundance Film Festival, this film is a barrage of scatlogical humor that is either going to be the hardest you’ve ever laughed or seventy minutes that feels stretched out beyond infinity.

There is one scene that made me laugh out loud, as one character repeatedly licks and sucks on a loaded gun, then starts gagging because he claims that someone rubbed peanuts all over it. It hit me just right, even if most of the rest of the movie didn’t. But you just might find something that you like here.

The other positive that I can bring up is that the filmmaking is frenetic and full of energy. That said, if you’re a dog person, you might want to skip the end of the movie.

Mother Smuckers is now playing at the Fantastic Festival. When a streaming source is revealed, we’ll update this post.

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