FANTASTIC FEST: Samuel’s Travels (2021)

Somewhere in the backwoods of Latvia — perhaps even on the edge of a mythical forest — Sam is a long way from Belgium. He’s looking for his father and is distracted, which leads to him hitting a piglet with his car. He tries to bury it, but it’s still alive, so to make amends, he drives the piglet and its owner Kirke back to their farm.

He mistakingly trusts the girl, who is the daughter of a pig farmer. The next day, her family members attack him, throw him in chains and toss him into the pig sty. Now, he’s their property. Yet Sam will find happiness in slavery, along with that piglet who can talk and who becomes his friend. But Kirke’s jealous ex-boyfriend wants him dead so he can marry her and take the farm.

Director Aik Karapetian also made FirstbornPeople Out There and The Man in the Orange Jacket. Who knew that his next film would be a near fairy tale where searching for your missing father in a foreign country ends up putting you either into the middle of a fairy tale or, perhaps more to Sam’s struggles, into The Odyssey, as Kirke’s name is close to Circe and she’s the one that turned all of Odysseus’ crewmen into swine before giving him the opportunity to stay and love her instead of leaving for home.

You can learn more about Samuel’s Travels at the official site.

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