Escape to the Cove (2021)

A lot of people may wonder, what does the B and S in our site name stand for?

Eric Roberts.

Seriously, we’ve covered so many movies by today’s John Carradine that I feel like Mr. Roberts may as well be in my kitchen fixing himself up a bowl of Ghostbusters cereal.

So anyways, here’s this month’s bit of Eric, a movie in which…a pandemic has ravaged the Earth.

Oh man — do I want another pandemic movie despite most of my day job being dealing with it?

“It’s cool, Sam,” yelled Eric from upstairs. “You have any crackers for this hummus?”

So while I ponder the iron stomach of Eric Roberts, a man who can drink milk and hot pepper hummus at the same time, let us move to a place where not only famine and piracy are day-to-day affairs, but so are zombies.

Produced, directed, written and featuring Robert Enriquez, this movie has a lot of talking before we get to the action, with Roberts showing up as a flashback and not in the main narrative. But man, that’s how the man likes to work. He’s in my pool right now recording audio for another movie about an answering machine that gets plugged in and realizes that all the other answering machines are no longer in use so it goes on a rampage.

The zombies in this are called Wanderers, though, which is a good term for them. So kudos on that part of the script. It’s a real challenge to make a zombie movie these days when it feels like absolutely everything has been done, so I have to give it to the filmmakers to include aquatic undead, which is a nice touch as well.

Escape to the Cove is now available however you watch movies online. You can learn more at the official Facebook page.

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