Der Frosch mit der Maske (1952)

The Frog with the Mask aka Face of the Frog was based on the Edgar Wallace book Fellowship of the Frog. All things both krimini and giallo flow from Mr. Wallace, so this film is rather essential, as the success of this picture led to Rialto making a series of 32 Wallace films over the next twenty years.

There’s a gang of frog-tattooed ne’er do wells led by a frog-masked madman who is going hopping mad — sorry — in London. They are coming after Ella Bennett, who is protected by not only Scotland Yard, but by Richard Gordon, a millionaire playboy with a butler named James who is in no way Bruce Wayne in nature.

This story had already been filmed by Archibald B Heath’s as the serial The Mark of the Frog in 1928 and Jack Raymond’s The Frog in 1937. Thanks, A Wasted Life!

Man, there’s a lot of plot jammed into the running time here and not a lot of it is memorable. You know what is? A frog man that orders the death of people. More of that please!

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