It Came from Below (2021)

Jessis’s father died in a spelunking trip gone wrong when alien creatures attacked everyone. No one believes that to be what actually happened and, as usually happens, everyone pays the price. And by price, I mean some truly gruesome sound design that really is the star of this movie.

Either I’m getting old or people are making movies way too dark these days. Probably both. Either way, the end of this movie just got less claustrophobic and more confusing, which can’t have been the intent.

This was directed by Dan Allen (Unhinged), who co-wrote the film with Sam Ashurst, who has also directed a few motion pictures of his own like A Little More Flesh and Needle Drop. I wanted to like this more than I did, but when the brave explorers showed up to a cave with absolutely no real equipment knowing that a people-eating monster could be inside, I kind of stepped back.

It Came from Below is available on digitally from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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