Don’t Sell Me a Dog (2021)

Joe has had his car stolen by CD and Adele, a couple on the run with some ill-gotten cash who have even worse criminals after them. Can he connect with these strangers and save all of them? Or are some people well beyond being redeemable?

With a title that comes from late 1800s Victorian slang that means “don’t lie to me,” as dog sellers would often pass off mutts as high pedigree show breeds, this movie also proves another truism a little closer to our time. As Notorious B.I.G. said in the late 1990s, “the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”

Shot in eight days between COVID-19 lockdowns in Ireland with director Pauric Brennan, the cast and writer Mark Hampton as the only crew, this movie looks way better than the challenges that it faced as it got made. Hampton was also somehow able to write this tight crime yarn with just four characters in only two months.

This is probably the best ninety minutes you’ll spend trapped in a car with a group of drug addicts this year. Or maybe not, I don’t know how you lead your life.

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