Introducing the new Mego Figures and The Topps Company exclusives!

We love movies — did you know that? — and just as equally, we love having toys that are based on the movies that we adore so much. Back when Sam first started collecting toys, way back around 1977 or so, his first superhero toy was a Mego Pocket Heroes Aquaman. After a few years, he had just about every Mego he could get his hands on, including that amazing Thing figure that had a fabric rock costume!

Starting this week, those Mego dolls are now available for the first time through Topps, the folks who sold you baseball cards and cool stuff like Dinosaurs Attack! will feature the most iconic action figures throughout the decades, from every genre imaginable. The exclusive Mego figures, including new characters and reimagined classics — we can spy Chucky, the Rocketeer and Hannibal Lecter in the photos they sent us — will be available to purchase only through the Topps website, with new action figures releasing every Monday!

These exclusive Mego figures will be available in a variety of sizes, including a combination of 8-inch and 14-inch versions.

The first two exclusive figures are Shazam! and Black Adam, who is due for a new movie starring the Rock soon. To learn more — and get a 10% offer — just visit the Topps site today!

DISCLAIMER: This is no ad. We were asked to share this out and thought it was pretty cool. I mean, don’t you want a Cliff Secord Mego figure on your desk? How about that General Ursus figure?!?

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