Neutrón contra el Dr. Caronte (1963)

For some reason, the mongoose to the cobra that is the mad scientist is the lucha libre hero. Across several other films, Neutrón and Dr. Caronte have fought to the death. Literally, I’ve seen Caronte let slip this mortal coil several times in this movie alone.

Wolf Ruvinskis plays our hero and he was known as El Lobo Letonia (The Latvian Wolf). Born Jewish in Latvia to a Latvian mother and Ukrainian father, Wolf began wrestling professionally in Argentina as a way to help put food on the table for his poor family. He toured the world, ending up in Mexico where he wrestled until 1950. Injuries pushed him out of the ring and into acting where he played the lead in Ladron de Cadaveres and as this character in four other movies, including Neutrón vs. the Karate Killers, Neutrón vs. the Maniac, Neutrón vs. the Death Robots and Neutrón the Man in the Black Mask.

Dr. Caronte would inspire the real life rudo Dr. Karonte. According to Luchawiki, Leonardo Morgado, promoter of Arena Monumental, had the idea of featuring Neutrón and Dr. Karonte in the ring. However, there were not many matches between the wrestling versions of Neutrón and Dr. Karonte, as the rudo had a higher status than his archrival.

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