Pasaporte a la Muerte (1968)

Alejandro Muñoz Moreno was the fifth of twelve children, the son of farmers, who worked on the National Railroad, who met the famous Mexican wrestler Rolando Vera and became his student. He soon put on a mask and became the Blue Demon, teaming with The Black Shadow as Los Hermanos Shadow (The Shadow Brothers).

After El Santo defeated Black Shadow and took his mask, Blue Demon became a tecnico. Even though this devil was now on the side of the angels, he and Santo would feud with Blue Demon coming out on top, even winning the NWA World Welterweight Championship from his rival. Even though would star together in films, there was always a rivalry.

Blue Demon shows up in the background of The Killers of Lucha Libre and Fury in the Ring, but he started acting in his own movies in 1964, as Santo had asked for more cash and producer Enrique Vergara wanted to add a second star. You can catch Blue Demon in twenty-five movies — nine with Santo — and three great movies where he leads Los Campeones Justicieros (The Champions of Justice) — whose members include El Medico Asesino, El Fantasma Blanco, El Avispon Escarlata, Superzan, Mil Máscaras, Tinieblas and Rayo de Jalisco (who Blue Demon defeated in a mascara contra mascara match in 1988, the year he retired).

Alfredo B. Crevenna (Planet of the Female Invaders, Santo vs. the Martian Invasion and 150 more movies) was the man behind the camera for this tale of Blue Demon — securely a part of the Eurospy world after his last movie, Blue Demon Destructor de Espías — battling an android. That android is a man in a silver suit with oven mitts, which makes me love this movie even more than I knew that I was going to. There’s also an astounding mascara contra cabellera match between a gigantic rudo and Blue Demon that ends with the losing maniac flipping out and attacking even the barber there to shave his head.

There’s also a swinging nightclub scene with a band named El Klan, which isn’t a name that any band would have today.

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