Noche de Muerte (1975)

René Cardona directed 146 movies and I’ve made it my lfie’s work to watch as many of them as possible. This one stars Blue Demon and it establishes a conceit that makes a lot of sense: how can anyone tell who is under that blue mask? And what if someone else also wears the mask and starts killing people and robbing banks and jewelry stores?

It’s all the work of the evil Count and El Cosaco, a luchador with a grudge against our hero. But the cops don’t know that. I really love the fact that Blue Demon challenges his evil version to a mascara contra mascara mask and puts his enemy in a submission that doesn’t allow him to move. He yells for the detective who has been tracking him down to take off the man’s mask and prove his innocence. It’s a great way to get across Blue’s grappling skill and makes for a fun ending.

I mean, I did tell you how this ends, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it. The version that’s on Shout! TV has some of the best and worst dubbing I’ve ever listened to, which is really how it should be.

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