Nebulous Dark (2021)

As he escapes from a time loop, Captain Apollo (Shahin Sean Solimon, who wrote, directed and produced this movie) has discovered that he’s in a pandemic-destroyed wasteland teaming with zombies. And oh yeah — Earth has new overlords. So what’s next?

We watched Shahin Sean Solimon’s Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage last year, a movie that was his attempt at making a Ray Harryhausen film. I think this is his attempt at making a movie that tries to be a stoner metal album cover come to life, which I certainly am all in on. However, the end product leaves a bit to be desired.

Somehow, Solimon got Patrick Stewart back for another movie, which has to mean that either Stewart is an incredibly nice man or there is some level of blackmail. This is less of a movie than a series of effects with incredibly difficult-to-decipher dialogue.

In the middle of watching this, I slipped into a loop of my own, as the feedback static of the voices washed over me and I drifted like an astronaut into a coma-like trance. I did all this with none of the usual hallucinogens that I pair with Sleep albums, so I have to give this movie some level of credits.

I’ve compared Zack Snyder movies to watching someone play a video game while you watch. I would then say that this is very similar, except they are playing something on one of those 100-in-1 Nintendo bootleg game carts.

That said — it takes drive and ambition to make a movie and Solimon has made at least two that I’ve seen now. They’re out there on Amazon Prime, so we should definitely admire his dedication.

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