Skinwalker (2021)

You know what happens when you steal from a Native American burial site? You set loose the Skinwalker, a shape-shifting ancient demon that won’t stop until it gets revenge. Trust me, I live in Mounds Park, a place that has Native American bones directly from my house.

Writer/director Robert Conway also made Eminence Hill, a Western that we reviewed last year. Here, he’s telling the story of the curse that breaks out in 1883 Arizona. In fact, he’s the first to get possessed, as Conway also plays a man named Hugo who gets bit by a snake. The Skinwalker goes from body to body throughout the film, killing everyone from lawmen to criminals alike.

It’s a pretty interesting idea to match demonic possession with the Wild West. While this doesn’t have much of a budget and relies a bit heavily on CGI gore, there’s still plenty to enjoy in this movie.

Skinwalker is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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