Norman J. Warren Week: Loving Feeling (1968)

At one point, this Norman J. Warren’s was rated X. Today, it plays uncut on YouTube. Such is the changing of the tides.

Just listen to that song that opens this up! You know instantly it’s the end of the 60s and you’re about to watch something romantic. Or dirty. Probably both.

This is the story of Steve (Simon Brent, Love Is a Many Splendored Illusion) who can’t decide between all of the women who want to sleep with him or his wife Suzanne (Georgina Ward, The Man Who Finally Died), who now has a new lover in her life.

Of course, when all of the women are as attractive as the French model who is new in town (played by Françoise Pascal, who was also in There’s a Girl In My Soup and Incense for the Damned), that’s not going to be so simple.

Warren would move on to make Her Private Hell before discovering the horrors that he’d make his name on, stuff like Satan’s SlavePrey and Terror — all great movies you should totally check out. For someone who started life stricken by polio and grew to adulthood with only one functioning arm, Warren ended up having one of the strongest careers a horror director can dream of.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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