Finding Opehlia (2021)

New York ad exec William Edgar (Jimmy Levar) has been experiencing a series of ultra-vivid dreams that he is obsessing over when life throws him a curve. He must choose between his real life and the fantasy world that a mysterious woman (Christina Chu) offers. Now, as he follows her down an increasingly strange path, he wonders if she’s the girl of his dreams or something much worse.

This is an auteur project, as Stephen Rutterford wrote, directed, produced, edited, did the cinematography, created the color design and co-scored this film. It’s a dreamlike 73-minutes that seems like you’re part of the lucid dreamworld of its hero, going along for the ride as he escapes reality and enters something and somewhere different.

This film transcends its small budget to tell a story that’s different than anything else you’ll see this year.

You can learn more at the official Facebook page and the official site for the film. Finding Ophelia is available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Tubi.

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