The Slime People (1963)

There’s so much fog in this movie, Lucio Fulci got jealous.

So much fog that the Elizabeth Dane wrecked.

So much fog…

You get it, right?

A bunch of lizard people emerge from under Los Angeles and use their fog machine to invade the city because, well, we nuked them out of their homes. Luckily, Tom Gregory (Robert Hutton, who also directed the movie) joins with a group of survivors to battle the slimy reptiles, who can’t deal with salt or their own spears.

Susan Hart — who would one day marry American-International Pictures president James H. Nicholson and appear in their beach movies — is one of the humans battling the mucky scaly heels.

This entire movie was filmed in the studios of KTLA but ran out of money after nine days. The slime creatures cost most of the money and none of the stuntmen or Hutton got paid. There was also the wild thought to use small people as giant voles who would lead the invasion, but when they watched the footage, it was too silly to use. Just think of that, as this movie is one of the goofiest films ever made. I wish I could watch that footage.

Hutton would go on to write Persecution, which was one of Lana Turner’s last films. It’s just as goofy — maybe more — than this one.

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