Berserkers (2014)

Originally a short called Meltdown, this film follows Hunter, a man who proposes to his girlfriend who turns him down, at which point his friends reveal to him just how horrible of a person she was. And then, as things happen, zombies attack. Then there’s a jump into the future and Hunter has become a much more capable man of action.

Set in Somerset, PA, this film follows in the tradition of zombie movies coming from Pittsburgh, Writer/producer/director and star Jacob O’Brien Mulliken was also in the movie Monongahela, which is about the hunt for a creature in the Mon river, which is about a half mile from our house.

I thought the effects for this were pretty solid, even if some of the IMDB comments savaged the entire film. Then again, most of those seem like they’re coming from Pittsburgh-based talent who are either upset that they were in the original short and not the remake or those that got screwed over in the process of making this movie. Actually, if you filmed that commentary page, you may have a better movie than this.

That said, you can watch this movie on Tubi or grab it from Wild Eye Releasing.

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